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I got banned from instagram!

Here a little explanation what exactly happened: I tried to move away from instagram. I really hate the "recommended" content there from people which I don't follow. But well, their algorithm is trained to retain attention to the app. And that worked very well with me. Even tho I only liked about 0.3% of the content, I still managed to get 2h+ screen time in it. That was too much.

From then on, I used insta only on the web platform, even banned it from my phone, so I could only use it on the desktop. But then the Zuck played the reverse Uno card, and banned me? Spoiler, I didn't anything offensive or uploaded some nudes. The reason they mentioned was "suspected automated behaviour". Well, I also don't do that? I thought that they somehow detected some of my web-dev tools (that do nothing) and banned me. I sent a repeal request and it got accepted in some days.

Then, to not get banned forever (yet), I downloaded the app again… and well, guess my screen time. Right back on my bullshit.

So then I decided to finally delete it forever. But how do I share now my so important content with my friends?? Well, when you read this then you found it.

So, get notified and subscribe to the mail list!

PS: Some days ago, I got a similar ban on Steam. So my suspicion is, that I have a virus on my Windows PC (where I got my insta banned), so Mark probably banned me rightfully. It's still a shitty platform and nobody should be using it.